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Cruising is a great way to travel and see the world and it is for people of any age! A cruise holiday provides a range of options to choose from including expedition style cruising, river cruising and ocean cruising along with various styles and sizes of ships from smaller more intimate ships right through to mega ships. From the moment the ship leaves the harbor, until you dock again, you’ll have constant entertainment, all the food you can eat, and endless sights to see.
You can See Many Places/Countries In A Short Amount Of Time!
See The Moon Light Up The Ocean In The Middle Of The Night.
Relax and Lounge as the cruise ship takes you across the world.
On a cruise, you unpack once and your floating hotel takes you from city to city or from island to island and there's no mess.
Imagine going to bed and while you sleep, you are being transported to another place in the world. When you wake up the next morning, you are in a new country to explore and discover.  Roll out your bed onto your own private balcony and see a sunset from a part of the world you have never been!
There is plenty to do for your days and nights at sea, no reason to get bored! Entertainment is just Free.
Cruise ships have seated dining each night where you are served full course meals.  You can eat as much as you want!!

With a forecasted 24 million people worldwide opting for cruise holidays by 2020, cruising continues to prove extremely popular for singles, families and groups of friends.

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Cruise programmes can be combined with additional visits to other places, pre or post cruise.

Cruise companies have promotional offers during various times of the year. Please enquire for details.