Namibia Safari Tour Package

Namibia, a timeless Adventure
“A land of contrast & dramatic beauty - exuding a timeless appeal. From awe-inspiring landscapes combined with untamed wildlife, it’s a boutique bucket list destination.”

In south western Africa lies a land of compelling fascination. A land for those who worship at the shrine of Africa at its most resplendent, but also at its most unconventional. This is Namibia.

Described by the bushman as the “Soul of the World”, Namibia is rugged, natural, soulful and liberating. While the forces of nature have been fierce and unforgiving, they have also been bountiful. In this cauldron of heat and relentless force, God has created landscapes that are paralleled in their beauty only by the most exquisite diamonds found here. Namibia is a melting pot of sights, sounds, aromas, tastes and emotions in abundance, just waiting to be experienced. Namibia is home to the infamous Skeleton Coast, that forlorn and rugged coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. It is here where we find the Namib Desert, the World’s oldest desert and a World Heritage site, from which the country gets its name. The eastern expanses are dominated by the Kalahari Desert; the central highlands are renowned for its free-roaming wildlife and the Etosha National Park. Kaokoland and Damaraland are where we find some of the most dramatic landscapes, the uniquely adapted desert animals and the proud Ovahimba people. And to top it off – the contrast of the lush forest vegetation of the Zambezi region, part of the KAZA Transfrontier National Park. Like the diamonds mined here, Namibia is a true gemstone waiting to be discovered.

Namibia has the highest concentration of Cheetahs on earth
Namibia is the second least populated country
46% of Namibia’s surface area is under conservation management
The entire coastline of Namibia is protected by national parks
Etosha national park boasts 114 different animal species