Trans-Siberian Railway


A spectacular journey from St Petersburg to Lake Baikal by rail with stops and stays at iconic cities.

See the legacies left behind by the Tsars; the engineering marvel of the Trans Siberian and more...

Each place visited is an architectural wonder and UNESCO heritage sight! 

The Trans-Siberian is considered as the greatest train journey in the world. Traversing almost 6000 km of Russia, you encounter changing landscape from urban surroundings in Moscow to the rolling fields of the Siberian countryside, the highlight of which is along side the lake Baikal with its stunning expanse of water… think of Taiga & Pine forests and meadows brimming with wild flowers! The train rarely moves faster than 60 Kmph… So no blurred vision -  you have enough time to take it bit by bit. You’ll get a true sense of scale and realise how big and magnificent Russia is!!

Churchill’s description of Russia as a “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an Enigma” is an apt description of the country though it is beginning to unwrap slowly but continues to bewilder.

Its once in a life time experience and brought to you at down to earth prices; choice on class of train travel.

Escorted from India.

Peterhof Palace

The Trans-Siberian Rail Tour Package covers: St Petersburg 3, Moscow 2, Kazan 1, Yekaterinburg 1, Novosibirsk 1, Irkutsk 2 & Lake Baikal.
5 nights on train, 10 nights of hotel stay with included sightseeing & most meals.

This is not a "Palace On Wheels" like programme; nor is it a luxury tour.

The focus is on content and provides for quality time at each place which is not possible on short excursions during the day from train and back which are provided in the hugely expensive rail tours.

As wonder after wonder unfolds, you'll soon find yourself running out of superlatives.

More interesting is the price.
It is a steal!

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